8 years evolution of Taylor Swift

13. srpna 2014 v 13:58 | vasa 1gwenstefani |  TAYLOR SWIFT
Give the camera a playful point.Bring your wind machine along to all your events.
Play with your fingers. That's neat.
Nothing improves the peace sign like a pouty face.
Reenact winning all your awards ad nauseam.
What's better than one hand on hip? THIS, obviously.
Get photographers to catch you in the middle of a baby step.
Accept that sometimes your hair will be perfectly coifed — and sometimes it won't be.
Be as shocked at your makeover as everyone else.Same goes for this beauty.
Seriously, she has a wind machine, right? Right??
Again, on stage, but still relevant: Lean back and fluff your ponytail.
Aww. Follow TSwift's example and bring the thumbs up back.
The plunging neckline renders posing largely unnecessary.
This is only to be attempted by posing pros.
Ever so slightly arch your back.
And if you're ever not in the mood to pose, just dance!
Adopt an air of haughty, glamorous indifference.
Work those angles — while demurely gazing downward.
And when you've achieved posing dominance, smile smugly to yourself.

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